LLP "AlmatyEnergoSbyt" constantly working to improve the services provided. At this time, for the convenience of consumers in Almaty and Almaty region organized the following ways of payment accounts:

1. Through the website of LLP "AlmatyEnergoSbyt"

2. Terminals "BTA Bank"

1. Payment via the Internet.

a) Through the website LLP "AlmatyEnergoSbyt"

Any consumer, without leaving the house, can pay the electricity bill. All you have to do this - is to connect to the Internet, go to the site, create a Personal Account, and pay for electricity. True, provided that you have a charge card. When paying via the Commission's website for the operation can not be removed.

b) Internet banking

Internet banking - a convenient and fast way to pay for electricity. For payment through internet banking you enough to have a computer connected to the Internet and a payment card. Payment is made to any of its own card account opened at the Bank, subject to the availability of money on it.

2. Terminals "BTA Bank"

You can pay the required amount through the terminals of "BTA Bank" by payment of cash. Consumers can make the payment of Almaty and Almaty region. If necessary, during the payment to the consumer the opportunity to indicate their testimony.

Addresses of the terminals

3. Through a system of electronic payments "Taulink"

Many are already paying mobile phone bills through the self-service machines, pos-terminals. It is about the same with one difference, the payment is for electricity. To deposit the amount that would be paid, get that payment is made by such sum, during the payment to the consumer the opportunity to indicate their testimony.


Getting a receipt by e-mail

Consumers of public services have a new opportunity to receive invoices, receipts, which prints the JSC "Alsek" Now you can subscribe to e-mailing invoices, receipts and receive them via e-mail. Getting invoices, receipts for payment of utility services by e-mail has some obvious advantages over their traditional mail delivery.

First, if you are going on vacation or a long trip, a receipt will be delivered to your e-mail in due time.

Second, you can be sure that the invoice receipt surely find its destination, and it will not be an obstacle suddenly appeared on the road postman intercoms or dogs, as is the case with paper invoices, delivery receipts.

And finally, now you yourself will decide at what time you are comfortable "get" invoice receipt from the virtual box, and do not remember the last time I checked the good old mail box, as did the more your parents.

For invoices, receipts by e-mail you need to contact the contract department of JSC "Alsek" for filling in the Application of the approved sample and provide the following set of documents:

- A copy of identification card with the presentation of the original;

- Copies of a title document to the living room (the contract of sale (gift), certificate of inheritance (or other documents on the basis of which the right), as well as information about the owner (a document issued at registration).

The statement and the above set of documents can be scanned and sent in an e-mail or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. podpiska@alseс

Attention! When you subscribe to an email newsletter receipts in paper form will not be delivered. If the consumer of public services for two consecutive months will not pay the bills of those services, the receipts received on your email address, JSC "Alsek" cease to deliver invoices, receipts by e-mail and will resume their delivery in paper form in the traditional way.