First power supply companies met in Almaty, Kazakhstan, to discuss the problematic issues of its activities
April 8, 2011 on the initiative of Kazakhstan Energy Association (CEA) and LLP "AlmatyEnergoSbyt" in Almaty, Kazakhstan hosted the first meeting of supplying organizations (ESO).

For the first time the leaders of energy companies met to discuss the most critical issues that are facing in the activity energy supplying organizations in the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The meeting was attended by representatives of more than 20 major utility companies from all regions of Kazakhstan, among them such as: TOO "Ontustik Zharyk", "Aktobeenergosnab", "Karagandyzhylusbyt", "SeverEnergoTreyd", "Zhezkazganenergosbyt", "North Kazakhstan Power" "Shygysenergotrade" CSE "Balkhashenergo" and other energy companies. It is important that the meeting was attended by representatives of the competent authorities CEA DURHAM in Almaty and other agencies.

Opening the meeting, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association of Legal Entities CEA Chief of the problems of the IRB Zhomart Kusherbayev, said that "the meaning of this meeting professionals - to discuss the pressing issues of power supply companies, and why a special section within the CEA. For example, in the plans for 2011 are scheduled regular meetings and roundtables, and this meeting in Almaty is the first such major event. "

Director General AlmatyEnergoSbyt, Michael Hamburger also spoke about the need for more active cooperation in the future energy supply companies "not to boil in its own juices unresolved problems, and jointly discuss and resolve urgent issues," - he stressed.

In recent years, the power industry in Kazakhstan have been significant changes. Thus, the purpose of the economical use of electricity have been universally implemented differentiated rates, which led to the changes in the system of payments for electricity.

The meeting discussed the following issues: On amendments and additions to the "Terms of electric energy", "Rules of the provision of public services", on the development of a model contract for the purchase (sale and purchase) of electric power, the inclusion in the tariff cost estimate for services on balancing production - consumption of electrical energy and other critical areas.

As part of the exchange of experiences, the participants visited the hour Call Center, which opened in Almaty last year. It should be noted that for a rapid response to consumer issues AlmatyEnergoSbyt one of the first power supply companies in the country has opened the call center. In addition, the participants visited the regional distribution and sales offices in Almaty and the number 6 Karasai unit power sales (Kaskelen).

Following the meeting was announced the most important task in the field of energy - is the maintenance of security of energy supply through effective interaction with all participants of the electricity market in the country.